A great day for Patmos!

Today is a great day for our team!

Mr. Politis, our Lawyer, informed us that ELLET has won the first appeal to the Council of State regarding the Liginou beach. The purpose of the appeal was to revoke two built permits at the Liginou beach. During the next days the rationale behind this decision is expected to be announced.

This is a great success that justifies the long-lasting campaign that ELLET has run since 2015 in order to protect the Holy island of Patmos.

This kind of ill-conceived “development” would have led, with absolute certainty, to the degradation of one of the most beautiful areas of the island. It should come as no surprise to anyone that this utterly inappropriate development has caused such an uproar due to its unregulated sprawl.

Thanks to the initiatives of ELLET, other civil society groups and individuals there was an impressive mobilisation of citizens, non-governmental organisations and public opinion both in Greece and abroad, a fact which demonstrates the importance of this kind of interventions for the future character of Patmos.

ELLET wishes, however,  to clearly state, that it remains in favour of investments on Patmos, which aim to truly promote its development potential by respecting the principles of sustainability, none of which applies in any way to the catastrophic so-called “investment” on Liginou beach.

We shall keep you informed about any new developments.
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