Innovative ways of providing data on traditional settlements in Chios

An innovative way of providing data on traditional settlements was used for the first time in Kalamoti, Chios, by ELLET and the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)!

In the historic core of Kalamoti a high percentage of the houses have fallen into disrepair. There are sketches of the facades of a very few houses but it is very difficult to estimate the dimensions of the houses from these sketches without making serious errors. Other than these there are no details of the houses whatsoever. The historical core, which covers about 80% of the total area of the village, is listed and the archaeological service rightly requires that any new projects in the area are limited to restoring the houses to their original forms.

However, this is extremely difficult as there are no measurements of the houses. Additionally, the walls of the facades are unstable, which makes taking measurements manually dangerous and time-consuming. This means that the only solution is photogrammetric imaging technology, that is, photographic imaging using special instruments from which precise dimensions can be obtained.

The ELLET project which was run in collaboration with the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the NTUA, attempted, for the first time ever, to use a new scanner which speeds up the process of recording the details and thus reduces the cost of the exercise. This is technology that had not previously been tested in similar circumstances. Because of this, the first stage was considered to represent appropriate subject matter for the Doctoral thesis of two students studying at the School of Rural and Survey Engineering. The supervision was undertaken by Professor Andreas Georgopoulos, who is the head of the Laboratory of Photogrammetry of the School of Rural and Survey Engineering, NTUA.

The object of this effort is to use photogrammetric mapping to map part of the core of the traditional settlement of Kalamoti by identifying the appropriate methodology for using this particular equipment. The project will produce plans of the facades, and will answer questions on the preferred method and cost of completing all the facades in the village.  All the necessary field measurements had been taken by June.

The film director, Maria Dousa, who has connections with the village, offered to video parts of the measuring process. She interviewed the students, and the video will be shown at the exhibition of the plans which is scheduled to take place somewhere in Kalamoti or the Mastichohoria area as well as in Athens, at the beginning of Autumn.

The project was funded through a generous donation by Alexandra Mamalinga-Prokopiou.
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