Finally - Good News In and For Patmos!


The news will delight hundreds of Patmian, Greek and foreign citizens who have been concerned regarding recent developments and have been contacting the local authorities, stressing that Patmos “the holy island” is also an exceptional example of the beauty of the landscape of the Aegean islands, which is internationally recognized as worthy of preservation. See more...

ELLET News! No. 10 - read the new issue


Read the new issue of ELLET News and find out more about our recent activities..

Thessaloniki: news from the Chapter


During the first six months of 2017 the Thessaloniki Chapter organised a series of outstanding events which were aimed both at the general public and at specialists. These events were the fruit of many years of constructive cooperation with the State and with citizens’ bodies:
a/ A Celebration of World Environment Day was held in the Pasha’s Gardens for the second year running (5/6),
b/ A presentation of the important work done on protecting, restoring and preserving the Macedonian Tomb of “Makridi Bey” in Derveni (7/6). See more...

ELLET - 45 Years, a big Thank You!


On Tuesday 30 May 2017, at the Choregic Monument of Lysicrates in the Plaka, Athens, ELLINIKI ETAIRIA - Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage - celebrated the 45th anniversary of our founding with a warm THANK YOU to the three pillars which have supported its action over all these years (sponsors, journalists and volunteers). See more...

“The Fist Cemetery of Athens: Guide to its Monuments & History”


The book “The Fist Cemetery of Athens, Guide to its Monuments and History” has been recently published by ELLET and the OLKOS Publishers. The initiative started in 2007 by Ileana Siori, archaeologist and member of the Council for the Architectural Heritage, and was supported by distinguished partners. Maro Kardamitsi-Adami, Professor Emeritus of the NTUA and the architect Maria Daniil have written the text, while Yiorgis Yerolympos, expert in architectural photography, photographed the burial monuments. See more...

Innovative ways of providing data on traditional settlements in Chios


An innovative way of providing data on traditional settlements was used for the first time in Kalamoti, Chios, by ELLET and the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)! See more...

Forests and Forest Maps: Fostering public dialogue on a pressing issue.


Aiming to foster public dialogue on the pressing issue of forest maps, Elliniki Etaireia’s Council for the Institutional Framework (STHEP) organized on the initiative of the Board member Irene Molfessi, on 25 May 2017, an evening conference on ‘Forest Maps: Resolution or Deterioration of the Lack of Forest Protection - Observations - Proposals’. See more...

The Homecoming Project: See more and Join us!


The Homecoming Project: a project created by ELLET and Flux Laboratory in Switzerland, under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, in order to give the opportunity to young people with Greek origins to discover the roots of their parents and grandparents. Read more...

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