Council for Communication (SEPI)


The Council for Communications (SEPI) was founded in 2000 by Lydia Carras in order to bring to the knowledge of the wider public the extensive and long-standing work of the ELLINIKI ETAIRIA and to broaden its circle of members and friends.
The Council for Communications:
  • keeps the mass media informed of the positions of the ELLINIKI ETAIRIA on important environmental and cultural matters. 
  • operates and updates the website of the ELLINIKI ETAIRIA 
  • organises, coordinates and participates in events initiated by the ELLINIKI ETAIRIA:
    • Annual Christmas Bazaar 
    • Cultural Tours: tours with expert guides in historic places.
    • Panorama of Ecological Films: a festival of ecological documentaries organized for the past 10 years.   
  • Coordinates the Programme "PATHS OF CULTURE", a holistic programme aiming to protect, signpost and promote series of paths in various areas of environmental and cultural interest in Greece. 
Communications Council members:
Lydia Carras

Calliope Caroussi (President)

Kallirrhoe Economou

Lia Georgopoulou

Mari Goulandri

Katerina Kairi

Angela Komninou

Maria Liarikou
Virginia Matseli 

Fofi Neophytou
Dora Paisidou - Kallitsantsi

Nadia Potamianou

Dora Tzavara

Member BoD, responsible for Mass Media: Amalia Zepou  
Tel.: +30 - 210 - 32 25 245 (ext. 2)
Fax: +30 - 210 - 32 25 240
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